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What Sets Us Apart

0 Monthly Fees

You read that right, we do not take any extra fees! You pay your monthly or yearly plan and nothing else! 

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Easy To Use

Our interface is by far the most intuitive donation page builder on the market. 

Build Amazing experiences in 20 seconds!!! (we timed it)

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Unlimited Everything

Unlimited donation pages, unlimited donors, and unlimited donation amounts! You can scale as fast and as big as you want and we will be here for you! 

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Our goal is to keep our costs low! Truthfully, it our goal is to just keep our overhead low and provide a needed service.

We serve a specific market for people who want great donation pages with minimal customization that just work! 

We utilize the payment processor Stripe. 

You create an account with them and simply plug in your API Key to our platform and we do the rest! 

Stripe does accept payments directly, we make it beautiful! 

If you send your request we might be able to help you out! 

Full Disclosure: We do charge for custom integrations 

We keep our overhead low by providing a simple no frills service. 

We make it easy for anyone to create beautiful donation pages in seconds!

(:20  to be precise… We timed it!)

Yes & No… 

Feel free to open a chat in the bottom window and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

9/10 we will not be “Live” on the site and it will ask for your email.

Again, we keep our overhead and our prices low (aka no live chat technician). 

If there is an emergency, we do have a helpline for all paying customers. 

We are able to work with organizations and schools both small and large! Our service of providing great donation pages at a moments notice does not change. 

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