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Schools & Organization should have access to the latest marketing tactics at an affordable price that enables them to grow and impact their community! 

About The Founder

JJ Reynolds | Founder & Marketer

My name is JJ Reynolds! I am sure you are wondering a few things right now, 

– Should I trust this company with our digital presence? 
– I’ve already been burned by companies, are you different?

First off, i am so sorry that your trust has been broken at one point or another with the digital world. There are a lot of “gurus” and cash grab companies out there.


I believe we are different in that, you own 100% of everything we make for you. Designs, development, everything. We do it this way to give you the most options possible. 

Our pricing is here to ensure the top quality product. Yes, there are cheaper options, but we build everything to last and to be updated frequently. 
Your site is a living breathing representation of your standards and morals. I hope they are high. 

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I usually like to ask “Why”, then we package up everything we have ever made for you, zip the files and send it to our point of contact. 

We will then hold a mini ceremony to commemorate the loss of you 🙂

We are just kidding about that last part.  

Yes! I am! 

We want to give you the ability to request as many updates as you would like (within reason of course) we try to have all updates done within 3 business days. 

If you need a rush on something, just let us know and we are usually pretty accommodating. 

We have a core development team who manages all the updates and website builds. You will mainly interface with your point of contact. It might be even be me (JJ). 



Excellent, just ask and we’ll get back to you with any info you need! 

The reason I made this company was to provide reliable & secure digital support you can count on. At the end of the day its all about what you need and what will get you the best results! 

That is the goal! 

If you want to ask me questions just send me an email at jj@nonprofitmarketingessentials.com and ill get back to you with a clever reply… Promise 😅

I guess ill just leave you with this. if you have a question, just ask and if you want to learn more about Schools Unlimited just head over there! I have a development team ready to serve you! 

Do Not Worry About​ Websites Donation Pages Fundraising Design

Our tools and services enable you, a teacher or NGO admin, to do your job, not learn something unrelated to what changes lives. 

Donation Pages

Just the features you need to make an impact.

  • Beautiful Layouts 
  • Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Donation Pages 

Unlimited Website Updates

Have a website you are proud of.

  • Everything included
  • Updates In 3 Business Days
  • Maintained as long as you want!

Fundraising Live Q+A

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