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NonProfit Marketing Essentials is built specifically for Schools to learn and harness that latest digital marketing tactics that are actually working! 

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We Believe

Schools should have access to the latest marketing tactics at an affordable price that enables them to grow and impact their community! 

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I love what I do and wouldn’t replace it with anything in the world. That passion allows me to serve you in the greatest capacity possible. I founded Mediauthentic.com to help companies grow quickly using paid ads & strategy but i saw a gap. This schools, churches, and nonprofits need to have access to tools & trainings at a reasonable level that allows them to grow at their own pace. 

This is why I built NPME!  I do not work with a large team, but I do contract out a few of the pieces to fill the gaps in campaign deployment.

I hope to talk to you soon! I love to answer as many questions as I can that come my way so do not hesitate to ask!


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