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Built for schools with less than 150 students who need something that is always working for them.

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Industry Standard Marketing Built For Schools To Utilize

Our School Success Plan

Step 1: An Amazing Website with Security (SSLs)

  • Your site needs to look good, provide value, have useful features, and represent your student body. (it’s a tall order, but we have delivered 😇) 
  • We match color pallets and design to your logo and current marketing materials. 
  • Correct user flows for every aspect of your school family. Teachers, new families, current students, and future students.

Step 2: Local Search Engine Optimization

  • If you do not show up on google or yelp when people look for your school. Something is wrong.
  • We make sure your entire site is built with allowing search engines to index your sites.
  • Build a useful guide to your local market. 

Step 3: Linking & Account Creation

  • Phone, email, website, all matching (we will let you know if something needs to be adjusted).
  • Schema built for you
  • Make sure you have everything in order to be a rockstar for your community.

Step 4: Analytics & Future Proofing

  • Ever wondered how many people show up on your website? Where they are coming from? How did they get there?
  • We build a simple dashboards to answer these questions.
  • Do you want to run Facebook Ads for an Event? Or Google Search Ads for your school? We allow you to pivot into this easily without having to start from scratch.
  • Think of us setting a baseline for you to grow from! 
  • Facebook pixel & Google Analytics Scripts set up included! 


  • You read that right. We offer unlimited content updates for your sites.
  • Need a new page? A new teacher? Maybe a new event. We have you covered 
  • Updates are usually done in three business days or less. 

Step 6: Grow & Service

  • Now that you have the foundation, you can take it and run!
  • Have someone willing to donate funds to paid advertising? Start getting in-front of more people.
  • You know the website works, why not amplify your voice? 

Technical Specs



Yes, we do offer unlimited updates but this has to be thought of within reason. We try to keep our price-point low for everyone to take advantage of this offer. If you end up using a ton of resources, we might ask that we increase pricing but this has not happened yet. 

Search Engine Optimization is an illusive term that people love to throw around.

We will take your site and make sure it has everything needed for success. (Its part of the included build) This includes Schema Markups, Alt-text Images, proper naming structures, and linked accounts (Google, Yelp, & Facebook). 

We Host, Provide SSLs and updates to your site automatically. 

Think of this like a full service site maintenance but we also provide updates in three business days. 

We build everything so you can take it and go when you desire. Our hope is that you stay with us for the long haul. 

All of our sites our built on the CMS. The same platform that runs 38% of the internet. We will give you all files to take your website where you desire!

An SSL is a certificate that verifies your domain. Look at the top left hand corner of your browser and most likely you will have a lock. Many schools do not have this. There are countless reasons this is bad. 

Long story short, these SSLs normally cost money and are a pain to keep track of. We include it for FREE.

We provide maintenance for many sites that are upwards of 50+ pages. Our flat rate builds and maintenance are designed for small schools with around 8-10 pages. 

Drop us a line and we can talk through you needs. 

Yes, we customize all our sites based on your local geography and needs! 

The site itself will be based on proven industry standards.

If you have a hankering for 100% custom built functionality we might not be a great fit for each other. 

Most likely, you have a website already with some copy available. We will pull from this and populate your new website.

Upon completing this copy phase we will then alter everything to be optimized for best practices. You will be able to approve everything before it goes live. 

If you have no copy, we might have to put a dedicated copy writer onto your site which will be an additional one time charge. 

We will not be taking new photos. This is up to you. 

We are happy to slot in generic stock photos for the time being, but we highly advise against this as you are a school that has unique people, unique locations, and unique value in your images. 

We do suggest having a professional photographer come out to your school every 3-5 years to refresh you schools photography.


Schools Unlimited Site Build: $3,700* + $395/month

Our flagship solution includes a cutting edge website based on your needs! 

You will then have unlimited content updates as long as you want! (This usually amounts to about an update a week if you desire)

Never worry about your website and who has access! 

*Larger sites will be a higher cost but this is a good general starting point

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