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During COVID-19

Connect Your School With The Community.... Online.

We will be launching our classes to teach the basics of Digital Marketing specifically catered to elementary & high schools. 

School Marketing Mastery Course Topics

If you have topics you would like covered, send us a message and we might just add it to our roadmap! 

A Marketing resource FOR SCHOOLS & CHURCHES!

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So.... What does this include????

We are still building the full structure of what will be included! If you would like to have input along the way, join our Prelaunch Group!!!

Online Courses

  • All content delivered via video course
  • Step by step instruction & screen capture
  • On demand video and templated idea sheets!
  • Complete digital marketing execution plan.

1:1 Communications

  • Message us anytime and we will try to get you an answer as quick as possible!
  • Anytime Any Quesion


  • Copy and past plans
  • Built for your dashboards
  • Made specifically for Schools & Churches

Get notified the second we Launch! And have input along the way!

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Opt-in now and save 40% when we launch!