The Best FREE Nonprofit Writing Applications and Workflows

We have to write every single day… it is inevitable… but why not create the best experience possible? Here are 3 of the best Free Nonprofit writing applications and how to use them in your everyday opperations.

50 characters. A short Tweet. 50 characters have almost pushed countries to war, fired administrators, and raised billions… now, how can we do this?

We are going to give you the best/freest solutions & workflows we have found to date. You will be pumping out amazing copy for all platforms and distribution methods ASAP.

The FREE Nonprofit Writing Applications that will change your world.

If those don’t work Try this 🙂


  • Tracking Template for your content here is how to use it.

Create a list of all copywriting needed

Make a list of all types of content you will need to write. We have an entire blog on that here

Now that you have your list… set that aside.

Set up a Grammarly online App account.

A free account watches grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. You will need to pony up $$$ if you want it to correct structural content. Unfortunately only paid app does that… but we aren’t trying to have another subscription to pay for.

I love Grammarly. It creates a clean environment for you to focus on the tasks at hand, writing. You do not worry about formatting, underlining, etc. Just simply putting words on paper.

The app also serves as a great way to keep track of your active written works.

Writing How to write better Nonprofit marketing copy for others

Copy & Past your Grammarly content into The Hemmingway Application

The Hemming Way App takes your writing and highlights long complicated sentences. It also gives your wring a grade. Most people like to read at a 7th or 8th-grade level so keep that in mind.

Get to editing on the Hemingway app until there is no more highlighting left.

The Hemmingway Application writing for Nonprofit marketing

Publish your content

Now you are about done. If you want to add a few rhymes to your style check out for mad style points.

The LAST Hope

Sometimes we do not feel inspired… We do not feel like writing. This is where comes into play… I Dare you to try it.

If you stop…. you will not get to keep your writing……. it’s scary…

What are your favorite writing apps?

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