Where To Use Video In your Schools Marketing Plan

It is no secret that video is taking over the internet. Youtube is now one of the largest search engines and Facebook is filled with all kinds of videos!

Now you might be thinking…. How do I make a plan and reap the benefits of video? 

In this blog we give a simple plan for exploring many types of videos on the internet. Including the content you need to include in your videos and where you should publish them. 

THE GOAL is that you come away with an actionable plan and know how to execute your video content strategy!

Step 1. 

Download our Video Matrix Template from our FREE Recourses Section HERE. 

What is it? This is a visual representation of  every type of video content that you could produce. 

Let’s look at how you can use this. Each sector has a color and shape. 

We will start at the top right and work our way around counterclockwise. 

Highly Produced Content and Long-Form Content - Top Right

I would like to suggest that every school tries to have 1 of these video created every two years. It might cost some money, but it is a great way to embody your message in a visual form.

What do we use this for? 

There are three primary reasons for creating high-quality long-form video in your marketing plan. 

Reason#1: Captive Audiences. If you are sponsored by a church this is great content for those in the church. 

Reason #2: Website:  you should have a place on your website that people can go to learn more about your school. If you have a 5-minute video that explains how great you are and why their kids should be there. That is a lot more empowering than a simple image. 


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Reason #3: Long-form video content can be tracked on social media. If someone watches Over 75% of a 5:00 video on Facebook. There is a high likelihood they would like to be involved with what you are doing. 

Short Form Highly Produced Video - Top Left

This is content that WOWs people. You can get creative. Imagine throwing a dodgeball toward the camera and it knocks the camera only for a kid to pick it up and say “Are you alright?”

It’s Short, (less than :15) and peaks interest with your users. 

What do we use this for? 

Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Email Lists, Social Ads, and more. 

Short form videos are great for boosting your schools moral & peaking interest from new audiences. 

A bonus tip would be to use these videos and send them to your current families and students as a quick update! Families will love this.

Again, the goal of this marketing material is to WOW & Excite

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Short Videos With Low Production Value - Bottom Left

Probably the most beneficial type of video for schools, churches and NonProfits

This short low production value video can be used to give updates, show people around your school, and provide a connection between your school and the viewer. 

Distribution methods can include Social updates, Ads, Blog posts, and emails. 

These types of videos allow your audience to start understanding who you are and what you are doing. 

Short low production value videos are great because nearly everyone can understand how to create them.


How to create a short video update: 

Step #1: Get out your phone. Most any smart phone will work

Step #2: Open camera app to the selfie mode

Step #3: Think about what you are going to talk about. 


A few ideas: 

 Step #4: Publish it. Don’t try to nit pick.  Publish 

Long Videos with Low Production Value - Bottom Right

When creating long-form videos with minimal production value you have to focus on one thing. THE CONTENT. 

Long videos with this type of production value are really great for information experts who can share amazing information. The viewer is not there for the visuals or aesthetics. They are there to learn about the topic at hand from an information expert. 

These are great for complex topics and delivering great value. 

Types of content – Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Long-form event videos, Update Q & A’s. 

To reiterate, the goal is to have the user learn as much as possible as quick as possible from your video. 

A few long form low production video ideas. 


  1. Download Our Diagram
  2. List out every type of content you could create 
  3. Try to have at least 1 of each type of content 
  4. Figure out a way to systematize it 
  5. Be bold and try something new!

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